Gravure/flexo printing

Metallic pigments for Gravure/flexo printing  

Metallic pigments are widely used in gravure/flexo printing processes for the special effect. A touch of gold or silver on decorative products such as wallpaper covering, on food label or any other packaging will make the products stand out.

Metallic effects of the highest quality are available for these processes.

User recommendations for gravure/flexo printing

conventional systems

Indicative formulations

Aluminium: 20%GoldBronze/Copper: 30%
Binder: 80%Binder: 70%


How to Formulate?

  1. Make first a pre-dispersion with the recommended aluminium /Gold bronze /Copper pigment .
  2. The obtained liquid dispersion is then to be mixed gradually to the binder using a slow rotation mixer (50rpm).
  3. Add remainder quantity of solvent and eventually other additives.


Use binders with a low degree of acidity (neutral) to improve the stability of the ink.
Aggressive binders (i.e. nitrocellulose) can provoke a reaction of the metallic pigment in the binder.
When using aggressive binders, keep the quantity of binder to a minimum and increase the solvent loading.
Using a high rotation mixer may break the particles and as a result lower the shine and metallic effect.

User recommendations for gravure/flexo printing

water based systems

Aquastab grades are recommended for one pack water based systems with shelve life requirements

Gravure/flexo SILK : Hier komt een woordje uitleg over screen smooth