Can coatings

Metallic pigments for can coatings

Aluminium grades are used to conceal imperfections of the metal in the coating of food and beverage cans.

Only very fine aluminium pigments are suitable because of the very thin coating as well as the high coverage required.

User recommendations for can coating

The AVL range of fine aluminium pigments (powders and pastes) is most suited for the can coating requirements, in epoxy-phenolic and other formulations.

The properties required  including the particle size range , metallic effect, coverage , and electrical conductivity are optimal.

Other solvents /carriers than methoxypropanol (PM) such as solvent naphta can be made available on request.

Note: Using a high rotation mixer may break the particles and as a result lower the shine and metallic effect.

We therefore strongly recommend the use of a low rotation mixer (max. 50 RPM).